Jane Seskin

JaneSeskinTwoI AM a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW-R) and consultant in New York City with more than thirty years of experience. I’ve written thirteen books, nonfiction articles and poetry appearing in numerous national magazines and journals.

I BELIEVE: It is the wise person who seeks support. It takes courage and strength to ask for help. It takes perseverance to look hard at oneself on a regular basis. And it takes great effort to change behavior. But it can be done!

HOW I WORK: I am a spirited and insightful therapist. I work with people moving through life transitions such as career change, marriage/divorce, bereavement, retirement and aging; and those with creative blocks, co-dependent behavior and in on-going recovery. I use a combination of interpersonal dynamics and assertiveness and empowerment strategies. The goal is to help you improve your communication skills, handle stress, and better understand and manage your personal and professional relationships. I bring respect, warmth and a sense of humor to the table. My style is direct, practical, creative. By challenging old patterns and beliefs and encouraging behavioral changes, reinvention is possible. I provide concrete suggestions, feedback, and assign ‘homework’ if it seems helpful. Together we will learn, understand and work on the behaviors that have kept you stuck, because bottom line, you are the only person who can change your behavior … and get different results! I will ask you to stay as honest as you can and to make a commitment to own your life.

I know coming to therapy can be a scary, painful, uncomfortable action. But I also know the benefits can be an expanded vision of self and the world, finding connection with others, experiencing moments of great joy, and being truly seen and heard.

On a practical note: I take no insurance. Payment is by cash or check due at the appointment. Statements are given at the end of each month for you to obtain reimbursement. Sessions last for forty-five minutes.